CASE STUDY: Mayflower lives on in "Monster In-Law"

In 2005 Mayflower provided boxes, uniforms, truck and everything to set the "scene" for a family moving. The main scene consisted of the Mayflower Mover and Mayflower Boxes sharing a co-staring role with the film's star.

Through a domestic release reaching over 10,000,000 viewers, the movie is currently available on DVD (rentals), On-Demand and many on many syndicated cable networks.

Placement Viewership and CPM:

  • Initial cost of placement = $1,200 (truck and driver time, gas, boxes, and uniforms)
  • Worldwide theatrical revenue = $155,931,301
  • Average ticket price = $6.41 (source: National Association of Theater Owners)
  • Number of Viewers = 24,326,256
  • CPM for the theatrical release - $0.000049! (theatrical only)

Mayflower felt a "bump" in the 2005 home relocation segment and contributed the additional brand awareness and revenue to the exposure in Monster In-Law.

Click on the MAYFLOWER/JANE FONDA Photo to Watch the Clip: