Everyone is a potential promotional partner for a television show or feature film! We take every placement and look for ways to expand the on-screen exposure into a bigger, media savy, promotion.

There is a promotion for every budget:

  • Web-based promotion featuring Twitter and other social media, cross-linked sites and microsites.
  • On-Premise promotions where you create the POS, special packaging or tagging existing product.
  • Local, regional, national and international promotions scaled to your reach.
  • Combine print and electronic media, outdoor, web and other elements to a promotion’s reach.
  • Hosting wrap and release parties, sponsoring college screening programs or even wrapping your company’s vehicles to promote your exposure.

Promotional concepts are limitless and can be used to expand your product’s placement exposure or as a stand-a-lone promotion that allows your product to benefit from the equity in a major entertainment property.

We strive to search the promotional landscape for the entertainment properties that fit your demographic and reinforce you branding and seemlessly integrate into your current and future marketing efforts.