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We search through the television, feature film, streaming media and independent projects in development, pre-production and in-production status to find the right projects that match your brand, PR and corporate image directives.  Product Placement is often at no cost or a cost savings basis for the products or services used.

On your behalf we:

  • Identify the placement opportunities,
  • Negotiate and “paper" the placement (including clearance permissions),
  • Work with production to assure placement is a positive usage,
  • Determine if placement meets any contractual obligations on the behalf of the production,
  • Verify return of product and billing for any loss and damage if necessary,and
  • Track the results and provide still and video proof of performance


  • We are on the speed dial for productions and studios who are looking for trade-out, fee based, or cross-promotional integrations.
  • Identify the opportunities that match your brand’s PR and Marketing directives,
  • Negotiate product or brand exposure parameters,
  • Design cross promotional and/or advertising overview,
  • Provide on-set overview during filming of the appropriate scenes,
  • Work with you and the studio marketing, advertising, web-development and promotional departments,
  • Create the branded integration agreement/advise on a studio provided agreement,
  • Receive pre-release confirmation of integration,
  • Provide proof of performance stills and clips,
  • Generate “living document" cost-benefit overview.

We track the exposure over the period of two years and provide updated information and valuation. These opportunities extend a placement and provide the most exposure impact.


Companies large and small are potential promotional partners for entertainment properties.  We take every placement and look for ways to expand the on-screen exposure to create an event based on your brand and the equity of the entertainment property.

There is a promotion for every budget:

  • Web based promotions (cross-linked sites and microsites),
  • Social Media Campaigns,
  • In-Store Retail promotions where you create the POS, special packaging or simply tagging existing product,
  • Local, regional, national and international media scaled to your budget or current expenditures,
  • Advertising/Marketing Cross Promotions (print and electronic media, outdoor, web and other elements to a promotion’s reach.
  • Sponsorships (hosting wrap and release parties, sponsoring college screening programs).

Promotional concepts are limitless and can be used to expand your product’s placement exposure.  We also design stand-alone cross-promotional  and advertising concepts which allow your product to benefit from the equity of a major entertainment property.

We strive to search the promotional landscape for the entertainment properties that reinforce your branding and seamlessly integrate into your current and future marketing efforts.


Creating buzz by putting a brand into a celebrity’s hands, by watching a contestant WIN your product, or by being the gift of choice at an entertainment event or as an audience gifting opportunity is great way to build your brand’s image.

People receiving gifts on a talk show, audience gifting and cast and crew gifts can also have a huge impact in an industry packed with first-adopters and trend setters.

Some of the gifting opportunities we have worked on include:

  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The View, Live With Kelly and Michael, Rachel Ray, and others.
  • Holiday Gift Bags, On-Air Gift Segments and Celebrity Holiday Distributions on GMA, The Today Show, E News!, CBS This Morning, Top 20 DMA local News Programs;
  • Gifting to the top 25 Female stars in television;
  • Holiday Gift Bags for the producers and directors of the top 10 network television shows;
  • BET Awards, and EMMY Awards.


Sponsorships have become an excellent niche branding opportunity.  The opportunities range from providing product for an intimate celebrity birthday party to sponsoring a major film festival and many opportunities in between.

Sponsorships can be a one-time opportunity or continue over a series of events or opportunities.  Sponsorships are a GREAT way to build relationships with a film maker, star, studio or promotional partner.  We not only bring you the right sponsorships for your brand but provide you with an honest appraisal of the potential benefits.

A sampling of sponsorship opportunities are:

  • Production Sponsorship Opportunities:
    • Wrap parties, premier parties, production holiday parties, etc.
  • Studio Opportunities:
    • Studio Tour Sponsorships, College Screening Programs, feature film/streaming media premiers, etc.
  • Film Festivals: From the free festivals like the Baja Film Festival to the premier festivals like Sundance and Caan.
  • Celebrity Opportunities:
    • Contributions to favorite charity, birthday parties, social media mentions and more.

Our favorite Sponsorship: Monster Energy, Warner Bros Video Game Division and “Mortal Combat"

We identified the opportunity, selected the site, planned the event and the result was a major coup for Monster!  Monster Energy received excellent placement in media geared to “gamers,"one of the energy beverage’s major markets, received great celebrity support and the event was web-broadcast live.  The event also extended the relationship with Warner Bros. Video Game division!


Game shows have become a great way to reach a niche audience, from “Wheel of Fortune" reaching a broad, loyal, international audience to “Parrot AR’s" audience of drone nerds!  A brand can find the right game show or other prizing opportunity to match their demographics.

One of our favorite game show prizing opportunities was in Nick’s “Family Brain Surge."  Global Surf supplied two surfboards and received multiple 10 second tags and the boards were awarded during the second week allowing for multiple opportunities to win!


Identifying the right licensing partners is great way to expand a brand or product line’s identity. We have negotiated license opportunities for our clients with a great “fit" and supervised the process from introduction to delivery.

We have worked a great variety of clients and Licensors.

  • Disney, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, NBC, CBS, FOX, Animal Planet, BBC America and more;
  • Introduced ZAGG to MLB, NFL, MLS, and NBA;
  • Matched 3-Feet and General Motors – the signature Bow Tie and Corvette 3-Feet are a hit;
  • Matched ZAGG and Gaming company HQ to create covers for cell phones, laptops, netbooks and iPads;
  • “Fast and Furious" ZAGG IPhone/laptop cover concepts;
  • Life Magazine and ZAGG concepts;
  • 3-Feet and Discovery Channel concepts.

Licensing opportunities also extend into excellent cross-branding opportunities at retail and on-line!