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About The Entertainment Marketing Company

The Entertainment Marketing Company is a boutique firm specializing in bringing the power of entertainment marketing to your brand.  We match your brand to the entertainment marketing opportunities allowing the consumer to engage with your brand on a personal level.

We are systematic in our approach:

  • We learn about YOUR BRAND,
  • We listen to the PR, marketing and brand initiatives that drive your brand,
  • We work with you to create a “hit list" of entertainment properties that are right for your brand,
  • We look at all placement and branded integration opportunities with 360° view – how can we expand your brand's exposure through cross promotions, celebrity gifting, tie-in advertising and more,
  • With over 30 years experience on both the client and studio environment, we understand the marketplace,
  • We are experts at marketing to the studios, producers, directors, property masters, set decorators, location managers, and other crew members and staff who hold the key to a successful entertainment marketing opportunity!

Michael Schrager, President

Michael Schrager drives the Entertainment Marketing Company with a philosophy that entertainment marketing provides a creative and imaginary world that allows a brand to appear bigger than life and create a personal and emotional connection with the consumer.  

Michael was Vice President of Associated Film Promotions, one of entertainment marketing's pioneer agencies.  Michael has also served as Executive Director, Production Resources at Sony Pictures.  Currently, Michael is the President of the Entertainment Resources and Marketing Association (the professional organization of entertainment marketing professionals).

As history predicts the future, Michael was responsible for Ray Ban's exposure in “Men in Black," where he convinced Ray Ban to provide a sunglass style that was being retired for placement on Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and the other Men in Black.    With Will Smith's single line in the original film. “…these make me look good…." Sales of Ray Ban's Predator sunglasses took off and, 20 years later, is still in Ray Ban's current line.  What does the future hold for your brand?